Our Rental Guidelines

In order to rent from us we do require the following:

* Valid Driver’s License (Out of State License requires a credit card)

* Must be at least 21 years of age

* Must have liability insurance on a vehicle in effect


Other Requirements

* Proof of full time employment such as a check stub, letterhead signed by employer, health or insurance card from your employer

*******If you are not employed or are self-employed you must:

* Have a valid credit card in your name and/or full coverage tranferable insurance

* We do reserve the right to turn down a rental at any time if the manager or agent in charge feels that a customer is: intoxicated or under the influence of any type of drug or; is being rude, obnoxious or behaving in a manner that causes a distraction for our business.


Credit and Debit Cards

* Some locations require credit card or debit cards only. Also, certain vehicles require credit card only to rent.

* We treat debit cards as cash, in other words, a deposit above your bill will be charged to the debit card and will tie up your funds until your return and the bank processes the refund if applicable. Please use a debit card with caution to avoid having your money being tied up for several days after your return. This is not on our behalf, but on the bank and lenders time table of transferring money back through.


Buses and CDL Licenses

* Any vehicle that seats more than 15 total people is required to have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) to rent.

* On any CDL vehicle, we require proof of $1,000,000 Liability Protection that will transfer on the rental time period.

* It is the renter’s responsibility to make sure that all rules and applications that are mandated by the D.O.T. and F.M.V.S.A. are in place. We rent the equipment only and are not regulated by the government for compliance as a passenger transporter. This is the responsibility of the renter.