Event Transportation

Planning transportation for an event can be a nightmare! The logistic mapping can become a big, chaotic-jumble. With Busmax Rent A Bus ,all you have to do is provide us with a schedule and you can leave the shuttle operation to our experienced drivers. Festivals, sporting events, and concerts have a variation of vehicle needs. Busmax [...]

Traveling Towards Better Health and Happiness

Did you ever feel like you just need to get away? How many times in your life have you proclaimed that you were in dire need of a vacation? Did you know, that travel actually has health benefits? Did you know that traveling with others can help to create laughter and even more ? At Busmax, we believe [...]

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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Years ago, the preferred mode of transportation for summer camps was the 15 passenger van, but today we see a major shift in preference. Ten years ago a rental company may have had 30-15 passenger vans out to a summer camp and two MFSAB Buses; however now, the numbers have flipped. While there is no federal [...]

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The Chess Game of Planning School Athletic Transportation

... Well, if I move this large bus to the football team for Wednesday, and this smaller bus to the golf team for Thursday morning, and this charter bus to the football team for Friday ... No, wait, that won't work ... UGH! Sound familiar? The challenges that face private school and college athletic directors [...]

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Great People Movers for location scouting, and transporting cast and crew!

At Busmax, we know how important it is to make the rental process quick and easy, for our production clients. Whether you're filming a commercial, music video, or feature film; Busmax has the perfect people movers to fill your needs! We rent 15, 25, 33, and 44 passenger buses to fill your location scout needs. [...]

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Rent a 9 passenger conversion van for comfortable holiday travel!

An exclusive and highly requested luxury van is the 9 passenger conversion van. These vans are equipped with 6 leather captain seats, a power rear couch/bed, accent lights, large flat screen TV and DVD system. They have raised roofs for plenty of room to stand up and move around and are top of the line [...]

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Top Ten Reasons to Rent a Car

1. Weddings End your fairy tale wedding in style by leaving in a luxury rental car. Cinderella didn’t leave the ball in a pumpkin and you shouldn’t leave your wedding in a lemon. Let your stunning exit be the perfect ending to a perfect day. 2. High School Reunions Impress your old high school friends by arriving at your reunion in a luxury car. Even if you weren’t voted most likely to succeed, you can look like you should have been. 3. Special Occasions Personal occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are a great time to rent a car. Whether you want to go to dinner in style or simply break out of the rut of driving your current vehicle, a rental car can add a dash of fun to your next special occasion. […]

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Corporate Accounts

We offer awesome rates for our corporate accounts because without you we would not be where we are today.  We want to reward your loyalty by giving you a corporate rate and other loyalty rewards such as: Guaranteed Rates No Additional Driver Reduced Mileage Charges Pre-Printed Contracts (Faster Pick-Up) Direct Billing or Card on File [...]

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