Event Transportation

Planning transportation for an event can be a nightmare! The logistic mapping can become a big, chaotic-jumble. With Busmax Rent A Bus ,all you have to do is provide us with a schedule and you can leave the shuttle operation to our experienced drivers. Festivals, sporting events, and concerts have a variation of vehicle needs. Busmax [...]

Smooth riding, roomy and comfortable holiday travel

Holiday travel is stressful enough without worrying if there is going to be enough room for everyone in your family car. The key to a successful and peaceful vacation is to rent a 9 passenger custom van from the friendly folks at Busmax Rent A Bus. The plush leather captain chairs and extended leg and head room make these [...]

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Traveling Towards Better Health and Happiness

Did you ever feel like you just need to get away? How many times in your life have you proclaimed that you were in dire need of a vacation? Did you know, that travel actually has health benefits? Did you know that traveling with others can help to create laughter and even more ? At Busmax, we believe [...]

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Construction Transportation Logistics

Isn’t it ironic that large construction crews are hired to build eco-friendly facilities, and the 50+ workers drive in multiple vehicles, back and forth daily, that are polluting the air? Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Or, how many times do workers show up late? Transportation logistics can be a nightmare for Project Managers! By [...]

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Room With a View: Traveling to Knoxville in a Busmax Rental Bus

In preparation for our new Knoxville Busmax Location, I recently had the pleasure of traveling to this big city with the small town feel.  I was so impressed with how friendly people were. Knoxville should be called, "The City of Good Manners and Hospitality!" With its beautiful landmarks like: the peaceful World's Fair Park; interesting, fact-filled historic [...]

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Easing the Stress of Vacation Travel

  What are some of the worst things that can happen during your journey to your vacation destination? I can tell you, that they’ve all happened to me. There have been stagnant holiday traffic jams, meandering snake-like lines that moved at the speed of a slithering Sloth, the too up close and personal pat down, [...]

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Keeping Things Authentic: Finding the Right Picture Cars

  In the Film Industry, the person who faces one of the most difficult tasks, is the Picture Car Coordinator. If the director wants a 1920 Peerless Model that is beige and gray, that is what the Coordinator must find. This is because films, television shows, and commercials are written to be era specific. So, [...]

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