What are some of the worst things that can happen during your journey to your vacation destination? I can tell you, that they’ve all happened to me. There have been stagnant holiday traffic jams, meandering snake-like lines that moved at the speed of a slithering Sloth, the too up close and personal pat down, seizure of your personal treasures, missed flights, and the worst … LOST LUGGAGE! I even took home the wrong suitcase once!

While there are many reasons for Bus Rental, holiday travel pretty much takes the fruit cake! You board at your home, there won’t be strangers falling asleep on your shoulder, you can keep your luggage with you at all times, no long security lines to stand on, and you can pack better snacks than stale pretzels and 100-year old peanut packs.

The only thing we don’t have on our buses, are coat closet-sized bathrooms, that 150 other people have used. Do you see our point?

Tell us your holiday travel experiences and how you think renting a bus could ease them.