Isn’t it ironic that large construction crews are hired to build eco-friendly facilities, and the 50+ workers drive in multiple vehicles, back and forth daily, that are polluting the air? Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Or, how many times do workers show up late?

Transportation logistics can be a nightmare for Project Managers! By leasing a 66 passenger bus from, Busmax Leasing, you can allow extra time for your crew to rest, before they start the hard-working day that is ahead of them. Not only that, but they will all arrive to the job site sasfely, and in a timely manner. 

Busmax Leasing makes planning your next construction project’s vehicle needs easy. With 66 passenger buses, 15 Passenger Vans , Flatbed Trucks, Cargo Vans, and Pickup Trucks, Busmax Leasing can help you to fill all of your vehicle needs. With our deeply discounted monthly and long-term lease rates, you cannot go wrong!

Call for more info 678-410-4890 or 706-252-6034. Mention code “Lease for Less” and receive an additional discount.

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